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S.A.F.E. Staffing Connections is a second chance staffing agency helping ambitious employers recognize some extraordinary outcomes. We place returning citizens in new opportunities where they can develop their careers, remain free and also bring tremendous benefits to their employers. Employers not only have an opportunity to hire skilled, low turnover workers, but they also have the opportunity to both support both their communities and build on their ESG strategies.

Good workers are hard to come by in this economy because many workers know there are greater opportunities across many industries. However, our workers have barriers and limited opportunities in the same economy because of their past convictions and serving time. Our workers not only need a second chance but a better chance to succeed in life and become great employees. Why not with your company?

Our workers bring a dedicated mindset and appreciation for employment. Our focus is career development, so we work to ensure their career readiness. We also provide them training in effective management and critical soft skills. This, along with coaching in character development and success principles is provided for them at no additional charge to the employer. Workers also come with bonded insurance and tax incentives. We want to provide the best opportunity to succeed!

We are continually dedicated to building a better community by reducing prison recidivism. And we will continue to do this by providing returnees with job opportunities and the tools, training and development for success.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Long-term Projects 

  • Short - term Projects

  • Direct Placement

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